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A Bit More About us

"Quality, all natural gourmet mushrooms is all we grow!"

Blue Oyster Mushrooms Harvested Fresh Dailiy

Anyone Can Grow A Mushroom

​​​​​​​You'll often hear that growing mushrooms is easy, and in fact the principles of inoculation, cultivation and nurturing fungi to fruit can be very enjoyable, and pretty straightforward.  Growing mushrooms is completely different than any other type of farming however and though small farms will often enhance their selection with a bit of fungi for a season here and there, most traditional farmers find that the effort it takes to produce enough mushrooms to sustain the needs of a community is just not worth the work.  Producing consistent high yield crops and supporting restaurants and grocers with thousands of pounds of organically farmed fresh gourmet mushrooms is all we do.  

Mushoom Farming is an Art... Kinda

Though it's often considered an art to grow oyster mushrooms it really comes down to mastering the science of mycology more than anything.  Luckily our family has a history of farming that goes back several generations and a strong interest in producing amazing mushrooms that taste as great as they look.  Our head farmer John Jacobs Sr. grew up growing all types of crops in the Colombian Basin area of Washington state with HIS father, John Jacobs (his name is my name too...).  His love of nature and understanding of farming has enabled us to successfully develop "trade secret processes" to precisely control the characteristics of our crops and become Tucson's only commercial mushroom farmer.  ​​​​​​​

Getting Our Hands Dirty

It's taken years of trial and error to master the strict parameters needed to transform what was once just a hobby into a full scale grow operation.  We've made a lot of mistakes over the years and we've talked to a lot of folks about best practices but there's really no substitute for getting your hands dirty and digging in.  We now maintain an ever rotating set of on demand environments that are monitored and adjusted for the particular genus of mushroom in production.  To maintain peak biological efficiency we control access to our facilities and operate out of sterile clean rooms that are not open to the public.

Bringing Technology to the Farm

Even with the best technology farming is still hard work.  John Jacobs (jr) has a background in tech and whenever possible we call upon our family's diverse experiences in business and technology development to help us automate processes, systems and introduced state of the art farm tracking platforms such as custom software and sensor based control measures that aid in obtaining optimal growing environments.  We never get too comfortable relying on automation though and most of all we love the human connection of seeing our customers' faces when we deliver our mushrooms fresh from the farm.  We service the Tucson and Phoenix. Arizona areas, and welcome your business!

Sonoran Mushroom Family Farm

John and John Jacobs Sr.

Father and Son Founders that split operational duties around the farm.  John Jacobs Sr. is our head farmer and oversees all grow operations and John Jr manages business, technical, administrative and marketing functions of the family business.


Also known as Mr. Mouth, Cooper is in training to find truffles... He's never been successful but he enjoys the hunt!..

Danielle Jacobs

As Financial Manager Danielle Jacobs oversees all budgeting, purchasing, bookkeeping and company administration.

Riley Jacobs

Third generation forager and farmer in the making, Riley loves to help harvest and enjoys making unique mushroom based crafts with sister Maci and Grandma Kay!

Kay Jacobs

Product Development, and Quality Control. Kay is well known for her creative side and loves to develop new mushroom based products and craft supplies!  Kay helps with production and harvesting and enjoys foraging wild mushrooms with the family.

Maci Jacobs

Wild Mushroom Forager Extraordinaire and head taste tester at large. Maci loves helping harvest mushrooms and enjoys making mycelium based projects with Grandma Kay.

We also sun dry and mesquite smoke oyster mushrooms!

In the Sonoran Desert we're known for our amazing sunsets, our independent spirit and of course our MESQUITE campfires!  We set out to capture the flavor of the old west and were inspired by Tucson's very own Hamilton Distillery, producers of the world renowned Whisky Del Bac.  Our Gourmet Dried Oyster Mushrooms are slow smoked with real mesquite harvested from our farm right here in the heart of the Old Pueblo.  For those that may have passed through Tucson or long for a taste of home these mushrooms are a must.  Add to soups for a smokey flavor or steep in warm water for about 20 minutes to reconstitute.  Our smoked mushrooms are unlike anything you've had before.

We deliver the freshest gourmet mushrooms in the Southwest