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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give tours of your facility?

Our climate controlled grow rooms are access restricted and our innoculation areas are all sterile environments.  Though mushrooms seem to grow effortlessly in the wild, there are strict parameters that commercial growers must employ to maintain high yeild harvests. For this reason, and to protect our trade secret processes, our farm is not open to the public.


Where do you sell your mushrooms?

We supply many Southern Arizona restaurants including: Agustin Kitchen, Azul Restaurant and Lounge, Feast, Canyon Ranch Resort, Maynard's Market and Kitchen, Reilly's Craft Pizza, PY Steakhouse (Casino Del Sol), Johnathan's Cork, Urban Fresh, Wild Garlic and Vivaci.  Nearly all of our mushrooms go to wholesale customers but we are working to bring on a few local grocers in 2018. 


How do you get your mushrooms to taste like bacon?

Our family set out to grow the best tasting alternative meat products for vegans and vegitarians and among the 10,000 different types of fungi we found an all natural bacon flavor mushroom within the genus of gilled Pleurotus, that when sauted produces a satisfying meaty taste very much like bacon.  There is no color or flavor added to any of our mushrooms and no animal was required to give its life in service of our farm.


What type of mushrooms do you grow?

We grow about a dozen varieties of oyster (Pleurotus, abolone and tree) mushrooms and several genus of seasonally unique gourmet mushrooms.  We arid farming operations is sustainable year around and we never use pesticides or herbicides.  Our most popular oyster mushroom is our BACON flavor which we supply to area restaurants, grocers and fans!


Are your mushrooms organic?

We use Certified Organic spawn and source substrate from small Arizona based farms that use no fungicides or chemicals on their crops.  We use no herbicides or pesticides in our faming operation.


How much do your mushrooms cost?

We supply wholesale oyster mushrooms to restaurants and grocers by the pound and packaged for retail.  We farm, harvest and deliver our mushrooms fresh and offer the very freshes produce available at competitive prices.  Contact us for bulk pricing. 


What is your retail capacity?

At full capacity our farm is capable of supplying in excess of 50,000 retail units a month.  We value quality and dependability and do not take on more accounts than we can reliably service.  Please contact us with inquiries.  


Can you deliver to our restaurant?

Yes, we will!  Within Tucson city limits orders over $100 receive free delivery, and only orders under $100 incur a delivery fee.  We also deliver orders of at least 100 lbs to within 2 hours of Tucson (Phoenix Area).  


Can you supply mushrooms outside of Tucson, AZ?

We currenly service the Tucson and Phoenix, AZ markets.  Our mushrooms are harvested and delivered fresh.  We do not ship fresh mushrooms however we do offer several dried mushroom products that we are able to ship.


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